Marketing and communications has developed exponentially in recent years. At MUM, we offer cover to most media businesses, from advertising agencies, marketing and PR consultants to publishers, broadcasters and multimedia businesses.

Along with the IT industry, media risks used to be treated as ‘Miscellaneous’ but, as the marketing and communications industry has developed worldwide, so the understanding of the insurance market has improved so that media businesses can be adequately protected. At MUM, we treat media as a class of its own. We offer media businesses a policy that has addressed two key areas of specific concern:

  • The fact that a client will often simply refuse to pay rather than make a claim
  • The fact that the media professional will often know about the problem before the client, enabling the problem to be solved without the client even knowing and avoiding the expense and reputational risk of a public dispute.


Claims Examples

  • The insured was involved in a marketing strategy for a TV manufacturer. The product was marketed with a name that was subsequently found to have been used by another electronics company. A claim for breach of copyright was made and the strategy had to be withdrawn.
    Amount paid: £150,000
  • The insured carried out a direct mailing in connection with a new product launch. A large number of addresses proved to be incorrect requiring a complete re-mail.
    Amount paid: £500,000
  • An advertisement broadcast on television contained the wrong soundtrack.
    Amount paid: £120,000
  • Failure of marketing campaign due to the misinterpretation of the initial information provided by the client to the marketing agents.
    Amount paid: £250,000
  • The insured created a website for a client but used unauthorised images leading to a complex overseas copyright claim. Amount paid: £25,000.