Manchester Underwriting Management’s products for Insurance Brokers’ Professional Indemnity are specifically designed to provide practical, real protection to brokers. This is a premium product where you know that we start the relationship intending to provide support in avoiding problems in the first place and then unbelievably good cover if things go wrong. It’s more than just insurance, though. It’s a business support service too.

The whole package is hard to compare with the existing market. So, for once premium alone just can’t be the sole differentiator.

Our product is recommended by BIBA.

Key Features

  • No contracting out of the Insurance Act 2015
  • No Basis Clause
  • No warranties
  • No conditions precedent (not even claim notification)
  • Very broad protection against innocent non-disclosure
  • Late notification protection
  • 7 days after expiry to notify claims
  • Civil liability cover including defamation, dishonesty, loss of client money and joint ventures
  • Costs in addition to the limit of indemnity
  • Regulatory investigation costs
  • Compensation for court attendance
  • Automatic binding authority cover
  • Data Protection defence costs cover
  • Loss of client cover – if your business makes a loss in its P&L because of your losing a client following the payment of a PI claim, MUM will indemnify you up to £25,000 for that loss (exclusive to BIBA members)
  • Fidelity automatically covered (exclusive to BIBA members)
  • Totally fair treatment not only promised but written into the wording


MUM has partnered with CGPA Europe. CGPA have specialised in writing almost nothing but insurance intermediaries’ PI for over 85 years and are rated A- by Standard & Poor’s. Formed in France as a mutual by brokers and agents for brokers and agents, CGPA is now offering its unrivalled support to the intermediary market in the UK through its subsidiary, CGPA Europe. CGPA’s board even consists of a number of brokers and agents.

MUM service and support

Most brokers have had to change insurer once or twice in the last few years as insurers have come into the market aggressively then pulled back or even exited after getting it horribly wrong. Some insurers are very aggressive when handling claims when you need support from Day 1. MUM and CGPA are offering proper cover,  priced sensibly, secured by an insurer that has commitment to the broker PI market right at the heart of its very existence. And MUM’s underwriters have many years’ underwriting experience in the class.

We don’t just want to support you when you have a claim. We’d rather you didn’t suffer the claim with all its aggravation, management time and reputational risk in the first place.  Most brokers’ claims start off with a client that makes a claim who doesn’t get the experience that they expected. From time to time, there may be a question mark about whether the policy covers the loss they have sustained and that can become a difficult and risky period for your firm.  If a policy does not cover a loss your client has sustained, your own PI insurance may be on the line.

MUM service and support

With MUM and CGPA, you can reach for our legal support team at Mills & Reeve, free of charge.  They will provide an early claims advice service which will operate if an insurer has reserved its rights or declined cover for one of your client’s claims. Simply contact them by email or telephone and they will provide assistance to help you to assess whether the insurer’s decision can be legitimately challenged and, if it can, to provide guidance about the approach you may legitimately take to protect your client’s position.

Mills & Reeve is a major UK law firm renowned for the outstanding service they provide to national and international clients, for their collaborative culture and for their deep sector expertise. They have been ranked first in the UK for client satisfaction in the Legal Week annual client satisfaction survey.

The MUM approach to handling claims for insurance brokers is to move quickly and avoid a circumstance becoming a claim. The most common cause of claims against brokers relate to an insurer refusing to indemnify. It is at this early stage that MUM would look to be actively involved.