When a client asks you about Feng Shui, you may know what they mean. But what if they offer you Chi Kung, Sugaring or Vortex Healing? Whilst you may or may not be interested in the treatment, the person offering it will probably need Professional Indemnity insurance.

Healthcare risks cover a wide range of treatments. At MUM we look to write non-invasive areas, which encompass a broad spectrum of therapies. These are often a little different, which means we can discuss the risks with you so you can provide your client with the service you want.

Claims Examples

  • A client had received treatment from a T’ai chi specialist for stress. After several sessions the client claimed that the treatment wasn’t working and had caused them to suffer greater stress. The claim eventually fell away but only after the client had taken legal advice from lawyers. Legal costs of £10,000 were incurred just to refute the claim.